Podcast #9 Epic Lifestyles with with Bibi Brantalova on taking time off to live the Epic Lifestyle

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Favorite Books: 

  •  Dan Millman: Way Of The Peaceful Warrior, Sacred Journey of  The Peaceful Warrior, The Journeys of Socrates
  •  Caroline Myss – Anatomy Of The Spirit
  •  Mario Puzo, The Godfather
Bibi moved to Whistler in 2011 to pursue her dream to spend full winter season snowboarding and started off with a typical story – came for a season, got trapped in the bubble.
Originally from Prague, Czech Republic, with a degree in finance, working in a bank and living the city life, she still made time for small snowboard trips across Europe. The adventure started in 2010 with a one year working holiday in New Zealand, followed by travels to Fiji and Southeast Asia and then working holiday in Canada. The motivation was where the snowboarding progress can get when riding every day compare to few trips a season.
At first, it didn’t quite didn’t work out, day 17 of riding she had a crash on a jump caused torn acl and damaged meniscus leaving her out for the rest of the season. The summer brought a new passion for downhill biking, but also another injury – a torn acl on her other knee. It was time to go back home to Czech for needed surgeries and with a lucky approval for another visa she came back to finally fulfil her dream – snowboard all winter long and it worked!
Every season after was with 100 days on snow and 60-80 days in the bikepark. Funny enough more progress came on bike than snowboard, but the passion stays equal. On the way she got a career changing opportunity at Starbucks Creekside, a licensee under Whistler Blackcomb / Vail Resorts, where she started as a barista in 2011 and has been the branch manager for past 3 years. It was valuable work and leadership experience expanding her big passion for coffee. However, Bibi is now on a new mission, to get back to why she originally came to Whistler – play, explore, progress, gain new skills and on top of it be fit, eat healthy and learn to relax. The dream is to visit other ski resorts within Vail Resorts Epic Pass and possibly other resorts within USA, BC and Alberta.
She is hoping others get inspired by getting out of their comfort zone, make it happen, put the efforts in. As well as point out the fact it can be hard in Whistler with its full on lifestyle to achieve work-life-relax balance and how important it is to take a good care of yourself to be able to play for a long time. Bibi is open to new adventures and opportunities, are you 🙂 ?
We are looking forward to having Bibi as a correspondent to watch out for more from her from around the world!
Photos are not quite in the right order yet!

1st pic – enjoying Crankworx women aline event

2nd pic- Whistler bike park shoot between original sin and blue velvet
3rd pic – Whistler bike park – fade to black
4th pic – best day – riding & photo shooting top of the world with girlfriends – kudos to ‘Michaela c photography’
5th pic – Whistler bike park – between efforts to get the best photoshoot on Oakley jump
6th pic – Whistler snowpark – bluebird, fresh snow & GoPro makes it an epic day
Photo credit goes to https://www.facebook.com/michaelacphotography/


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