Epic Lifestyles Podcast with Nicholas Leloup Ironman finisher

Welcome to The Epic Lifestyles podcast where we interview people who take life to the next level, they search for success past the mundane surfaces and experiences, many of us are willing to just live with.
These people set themselves apart by their daily achievement, they are willing to sacrifice a little something more than the rest of us,  to achieve their idea of success.
My name is Anyssa C and I sat down with Nic Leloup  a 28 year old Londoner, who in 2016, headed westward down Piccadilly and ended up living on the West Coast of Canada in a little village called Whistler, Last year I was lucky to sit at the finish line, with the Ron Zalko who brought this epic event to Canada  and it was great to follow up this year with one of the competitors a few weeks after the event. I have seen Nic while training for the event at Whistler Core where I work and have watched some of what it takes to build an ironman and what it takes to recover from such an event. I caught up with nic at The Beautiful Nita Lake lodge the day before he was headed back to London to catch up with friends. His website. 

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