Epic Lifestyles interview with Triathlete John Blok from Whistler BC Canada

“Once you stop moving – you don’t get to move anymore” – John Blok

John Blok is a local trainer here in Whistler and is passionate about fitness both professionally and personally. He does many triathlons a year, coaches resort guests, and is a constant source of inspiration to those around him when it comes to health being your wealth at any age.  He is blessed to be able to make a living being a coach and trainer but as his co-worker at Whistler Core Fitness and Climbing Gym.  I often see him giving much more than what he is paid for. We love him as well as he can fix pretty much anything around the gym, and makes the equipment purrrr like it’s new!

“If all you do is what your brain says is work- it probably isn’t a good place to be” – John Blok

Another way to prove he is good at what he does is by just asking him about the last Xterra Triathlons he has done. There is always a good story to be heard. He placed third in his category this time, of which the top three finished within minutes or seconds of each other. He usually does about 5 triathlons a year, but also does the equivalent of a triathlon here in Whistler every couple days between morning runs up the mountain, teaching spin class, booty fit, swimming in Alta Lake, the local pool, he keeps up with many young men in their 20s easily.  Though he often competes with his daughter Leah, he also has some guys in his category he watches out for like Carl Peterson and Scott Forester, who are both from BC. It is obvious, he loves competing.

Many may remember him as the graphic design for one of the local news mags, The Pique, and he and his wife Grace have been part of building the local Whistler community for many years.  It isn’t often I have people tell me they read The Bible every day anymore, but their faith and belief, come through in what they do as a family and how they help others.  They have been married for 43 years, and even though I haven’t met his best friend and wife Grace yet, I can’t wait till we cross paths and I have so much respect for what she does in the community.

She is a number one volunteer at races an at local events which I totally relate to as it is one of the ways I made so many amazing friends in the town full of strangers from all over the world.

I was lucky to interview John this week at Whistler Core where we both work. Even when you work with someone every day, you learn more when you are lucky enough to have an excuse to interview them.  Please stay tuned to listen to Epic Lifestyles.


Favorite Book recommendations: The Bible and anything by James Patterson and Clive Cussler

Opportunities be like John: Work out at Whistler Core / Join an Xterra Triathalon / volunteer in Whistler

How to check on lake temperatures in Whistler

Favorite things to do in Whistler: Mountain bike, road bike, bike shopping, watching people on bikes, watching the tour de France Bike race on tv., wild flower hikes like the Whole Note.

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