Epic Lifestyles with Chad Sayers

When I look for people to interview next on Epic Lifestyles, and look at my definition of people doing that extra bit on a daily basis, while other wish they had done it, or going to an extreme others would not, just to feel alive, grateful for life, and  seek to become more intimate with their own humanity by pushing their own boundaries. Chad Sayers fits that description. He is a man who is plainly so grateful for life on a daily basis, he is passionate about being on the water weather frozen or flowing, he lives in the mountains, and he makes a living at conquering them,  but dreams of each time he will return to sparkling reefs of  Indonesia

He is lucky to call his work, play, but I have seen the work that goes into playing in the mountains, the preparation to carry large packs, to weather big storms, this man play hard!  We booked breakfast at the beautiful Four Seasons Resort and Residences in Whistler BC Canada, for this interview, but I met him at work at The Whistler Core Climbing and Fitness Gym where we sponsor Chad as he is preparing to do a 45 day trek in Nepal.   He is going where I would not dream of on a mountain. But my friend Tanya’s husband also heads home this week to Nepal, as he is from there, and we just started a small fundraiser for mothers of Nepal to increase infant mortality, my private women’s club- The Ladies Meeting for My heart is already feels like it is already in Nepal.  As I write it is the day Chad leaves our little village in Whistler on his trek and it was good to be able to give him a big hug and wish him a safe on this epic adventure. Thank you for listening to epic lifestyle and I hope you enjoy this interview with Chad Sayers.

-Anyssa Carruthers

PS – Chad has come out with a new epic book this past year.. It is jaw dropping. Find him here to get a copy. https://www.facebook.com/chad.sayers.90



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